Monday, August 3, 2009

Must I blog?

So it's been a REALLY long time since blogging...and to be quite honest, I'm really forcing myself to post this one up as well.  Tyler is growing so fast!  He's been crawling fast and has been trying to stand up since he's been 7.5 months old! He can pretty much stand up some, and walk while holding onto something.  Why did I ever say I wanted him to start crawling and walking? Anyways, I've decided that Tyler looks like an F4 with his new hairdo.  It's starting to look like a helmet of hair.  So anyways, here are some pics of my "baby Yi-Jung (F4)." =) 

Poor kid looked like a "special" child.  But since we were at a musical, it was too loud for him.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Highlight of The Week

As of late, I've been feeling even more exhausted as the months go by. Tyler seems to grow overnight and has been amazing me more and more.  In the last 2 weeks, he's finally been able to sit up on his own, and slowly, but surely, is starting to try and crawl, too.  He will occasionally topple over and then cry because he now knows how great it is to sit up like a big boy.  He just about reaches for anything now and will grab and pull and toss everything.  As exciting as all these milestones are, I'm realizing how much more work it is the more independent he is becoming.  This morning I had a little bit of sanity because Ron was babysitting Tyler while I took it upon myself to ditch them both and go get some lunch with some good girlfriends.  But then Ron was clearly upset when I walked in the door at 3:15 p.m. and he was 15 min late for playing basketball.  Sigh.  Really, I need a longer break.  

Anyways, so on friday for small group, we went to Mission Beach to have our usual hot dogs and smores.  This was our first time at the beach since Tyler was born, and thus, his first time, too.  It was a bit chilly and I was actually a little bit excited about putting him into his bunting outfit again since he had only been able to wear it couple times since it doesn't really get cold in SD.  I hadn't seen my SD peeps in awhile, so I was anxious to show them how well Tyler sits up on his own, and this really was so hilarious.  It truly made my day.  

I had planned on bringing my camera, but as always, my mommy-brain forgot.  Thankfully, Sophia had her camera on her, and was able to capture Tyler sitting up in his bunting. I think we all got a kick out of it. 

I love my boy =)

Friday, April 17, 2009

Rock Paper Scissors Design

If you don't already know about her, my really good friend Rachel Baker, makes THE MOST awesome invitations known to mankind. Really.  If you're looking for invitations that come in silk boxes or engraved into glass, you've found the girl for you.  Let's just say that the average joe can't afford her talent, which is why she's come out with a line that is much more affordable, yet still exudes her really classy and couture style. You may feel intimidated by her invitations, but she will design and work with you to give you the best invitations AND she will also do her best to work with your budget.  This is why she is just so marketable.  She has been in many wedding magazines and some tabloids we all love to read such as US Weekly.  Anyways, if you guys know anyone who needs wedding invitations, please spread the word!!! Seriously though, check out her website to get an idea of just how great she is =)  

(if the link doesn't work from this site, just type it in your url, for some reason, when i'm checking the link, it's not working)


I almost forgot why I started this blog in the first place.  I'm supposed to put pictures of Tyler up for Ron.  Oops.  So anyways, here are some recent photo's of Tyler.  Lately, he hasn't been giving me that toothless grin, instead, he does this now.  But I still think he's adorable. =)

Then here's this expression....which I think I kind of do occasionally.  So I personally like this photo! 

So Tyler is always "awwwwww"-ed over due to his fabulous hairstyle.  Lately, his sides have been tame, and his hair on top is just...well, kind of does it's own thing.  Everyone loves to ask if I style it this way, but I'm proud to say that this is all au-natural, baby. 

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Yes, they are....

A couple of weeks ago, one of my best friends from dental school came down to visit me and brought me this little treat:  Teeth cookies!!!  As disgusting as teeth may seem to some, we dentists can find all things teeth to be uber cute.  You gotta admit, these are cute!
(ok, so I don't know how this all started getting underlined...)

So this really "inspired" me to try my hand at sugar cookie baking.  I haven't made sugar cookies since I took home economics class my freshman year of high school.  I decided that I'd make Ron some cookies for him to take to work.  Yes, just as I find teeth to be amusing, I just naturally assumed that Ron and his co-workers would find these to be just as amusing and cute. But when I told Ron my idea, he just about died instead.


When I ordered these cookie cutters, I thought, "hey, these cute little guys can be packaged up in threes and I'll give them to Ron to take to work...." well, just to give you an idea of how intimidating these really were.....

Yes people, that is a large water bottle.  The cookie cutter you see on the inside is bigger than my foot.  HOLY COW.  In fact, when I made my first batch, I kept breaking the big nuts off the penis because they were just so heavy! I guess you must handle them with care, as with any penis. I really wish that I had the patience to wait till morning so I could take some pictures of these in better lighting, but I just couldn't wait due to requests of I will post up day pictures tomorrow. Hehe. 

So here are the big peckers all lined up.  (Yes, they are called Pecker Cookie Cutters in case anyone else dares to attempt to make these)  Seeing how big these peckers really are, I didn't really get much bang for my buck as far as the amount of cookie dough I needed to make.  And these are even smaller than the middle size pecker in the photo above...but still pretty darn huge. 

Just for the sake of making them less vulgar and more feminine, I decided to make them pearly with some pearl dust.  I'm not sure if you can really see it too well, but it's very shimmery.  Oh and btw....I bought bags to put these in, and well, surprise, surprise....they don't fit.  

What to do with left over dough....

Make bite size heart cookies. Yum.  

Friday, March 20, 2009


yay!!! he rolled over today!!! but i can't get him to do it again.....maybe it was just a one time fluke.

oh the expressions....

Has anyone ever found it funny that when you see a cute baby, the words to express exactly how cute you think they are, somehow always come out like you are talking about food? I've compiled some of the expressions that Tyler has received:

1.  I want to just bite him.  Really...I could just bite him.
2.  I could just eat him up!!!
3.  He's so chewable!
4.  I could just gobble him up!
5.  I want to eat those cheeks or I just wanna bite those cheeks
6.  I just wanna squeeze him and eat him
7.  I just wanna chew on those cute lil' feet

I'm sure there are many more expressions of the like that I can't remember. 
So....I guess Tyler is just edible and scrumdiliumtious! He thanks you all!